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Establishment Purposes of the Oktay Güvemli Accounting and Finance History Foundation

The foundation aims to develop and expand the science of accounting and financial history in Turkey, the Balkans, and the Middle East countries.

In line with this purpose, the foundation will organize educational programs, encourage and support undergraduate and graduate academic studies on the subject.

The foundation has established a specialized library in Istanbul-Şişli. As of 2020, there are over seventeen thousand books in the library. The library is a platform for Middle Eastern accounting history research, which was born in 1994 during the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Pacioli's Summa.

Since 2011, the foundation publishes Accounting and Financial History Research. The journal aims to introduce Turkish accounting, finance, and business culture to the world.

The foundation also organizes international accounting history congresses and conferences. These studies are an adventure of Middle Eastern recording culture and Middle Eastern accounting history research.

Why Accounting History?

Accounting history measures accounting's success in the past; The investigation of how successfully accounting has done its job in the past as a service sector is the subject of accounting history. From this point of view, the emergence of changing recording needs makes the stories important.

Past 180 years (1839-2019), Turkey has experienced changes in accounting thought twice. The first change occurred during the post-Tanzimat westernization movements. During this change, the Ottoman Empire's staircase (merdiban) method had to leave its place to the double-entry accounting method. The second change took place after the proclamation of the Republic. In this process of change, the double-entry accounting method has preserved its existence by complying with the conditions of the time. Still, the accounting idea separated from the Commercial Law, which it developed until then, and entered taxation control. The Turkish Commercial Code, published in 2011 within the framework of the change brought about by the globalization phenomenon of the economy, is a search for innovation in this regard.

Accounting history is a new science. Ancient recording cultures around the world await investigation by accounting historians. What makes this important is that the future of accounting has to be explored in the past.

Prof. Dr. Oktay Güvemli


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