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Oktay Güvemli Accounting and Financial History Foundation

A small appreciation for Prof. Oktay Güvemli's massive contributions to accounting science.

About Prof. Oktay Güvemli

In a Western movie, an Indian woman is unsure whether her husband loves her or not. To be sure, he confronts the totems, which they believe to be sacred in an environment where no one is present, and asks his god Manitou whether his husband loves him. Totem speaks and says, "look what he has done for you."

You may have heard that many academics use the term "doyen" to express their success in academic life. The doyen concept's lexical meaning describes the person who does a job best, the master of a job, who is at the top hierarchically. The answer given to the Indian woman above can help us whether the term 'doyen' can be used for an academic. By looking at what the academician has done regarding the branch of science, he is studying.

Does the academician's title of Associate Professor or Professor, head of department, dean, or rector indicate that he is a doyen?

An academic may have received international or national awards, authored original books, created projects, organized international and national congresses, trained talented academicians, established and managed professional organizations, and established the most extensive library of his discipline nationally. Well, are these enough for the academic to become a doyen?

Mr. Oktay Güvemli has overcome and succeeded in all of these features expressed as a word.

An "irreplaceable" statement is made after all the deceased people in our country. Almost every valuable person is filled in some way. It does not seem possible to fill the void created by Mr. Oktay Güvemli. If he were alive, what else would he have overcome and made critical scientific productions?

We cannot see, but with the angels' contribution, he is probably holding an accounting congress with Luca Pacioli and Abdullah Mazenderani...

Risale-i Felekiyye (Kitab-us Siyakat)
Abdullah Mazenderani, Tabriz, 1363 (Ed. Oktay Güvemli and Cengiz Toraman)

Publication of the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants, Istanbul, 2013

Hıstory of Mıddle East Accountıng (3000 BC - 2000 AD)
Oktay Güvemli and Colleagues

Publication of the Turkish Court of Accounts, Ankara, 2019

State Accountıng ın the Ottoman Empıre
Oktay Güvemli, Cengiz Toraman, Batuhan Güvemli

Publication of the Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority, Ankara, 2015


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