Konferans eş Başkanı Prof. Dr. Esteban Hernandez Esteve'in Konferansa Gönderdiği Mesaj

 Ladies and gentlemen,

 It would have been a great pleasure for me to be able to share with all of you this Great Rendezvous of Accounting History. However, it has not been possible because of a serious and long haul illness of my wife. I am very sorry and thank my good friend and colleague Prof. Oktay Güvemli for the opportunity to address you this couple of words excusing me for my absence.

I feel linked to Turkish accounting historians by close bonds of friendship and interest in accounting history. I have here several good friends and feel at home. I have participated in several Conferences organized in Istanbul on this matter. One of the most meaningful of them was probably the 12th World Congress of Accounting Historians held in July20-24, 2008. I remember it with pleasure and believe that it was the best organized World Congress of Accounting Historians that I have attended, best organized and with the highest use of computer technology. It was also the one that knew how to gather the largest audience. These features, good organization and large audience are characteristic of all Congresses convened by Prof. Güvemli and his team. No wonder therefore that when he told me in Sansepolcro that he could perhaps organize the Third Conference commemorating the day of Luca Pacioli’s, I accepted immediately without any hesitation. I was certain that I would not find a better convenor. Thank you very much, Oktay.


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