Institutionalism and Culture in Strategies of Multinational Firms, Case of Johnson Controls Inc.

Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez Ph.D. tarafından yazıldı. -.- MUFTAV DERGİSİ - Ocak 2013 İzlenimler:



The aim of this paper is to analyze both internal and external aspects posing a risk in the operation for the multinational Johnson Controls in its subsidiaries in United States and Mexico from the point of view based on institutions; the main challenge to initiate the investigation is to have some impact in the culmination of the goals both of workers and of the same organization, how to influence the institutions in the organizational environment, for the decommissioning of some branch/ subsidiary. The method used was Analytics to evaluate all the information obtained from the company and thus achieve the objectives required for this research, applied the theory based on the vision of institutions in multinational companies. For results of the analysis, we first had to get to know the real development of multinational enterprises, and then focus on the enterprise objective Johnson Controls Inc.

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