Prof. Dr.Oktay Güvemli    -  Brief Resume

Born at Fatsa, Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey in 1935. Undergraduate degree from Ankara Economical and Commercial Sciences Academy in 1960. Master’s degree from Istanbul University Business Management Institute in 1961. Doctorate degree from Aegean University in 1971. Associate Professor in 1974 and Professor in 1981. Main courses were based on accounting and finance. Retired in 2002.

Financial analyst in Sınai Yatırım and Kredi Bank between the years 1963 – 1973. Consultant to the private sector and an academician at the same time. Still working as Sworn in - Certified Public Accountant.

Participated in the establishment of associations and charitable foundations along with other accounting and finance academicians in Turkey. Editor of Accounting and Finance Journal (1998-2010). Editor of Accounting and Financial History Research Journal since 2011.

Convenor of the two Balkans and Middle Eastern Countries Auditing and Accounting History Conferences, 2007 Edirne and 2010 Istanbul. Convenor of the 12th World Accounting Historians Congress in 2008, Istanbul.

Accounting and finance course and practice books:  Accounting Statements Analysis (1977-1981.  3 editions); Evaluation and Preparation of Investment Projects (1979 – 2001, 8 editions).

Accounting history books: Accounting History of Turkish States – 4 volumes, (1994 – 2001); Luca Pacioli and the 500th Year of Accounting (1994); History of Economical and Commercial Sciences Academy (2003); Evolution of Financial Statements (2007).